Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction
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What is CORI?

CORI Professional Development Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction (CORI) is an instructional program that merges reading strategy instruction, conceptual knowledge in science, and support for student motivation. We define reading engagement as the interplay of motivation, conceptual knowledge, strategies, and social interaction during literacy activities. We believe engagement in reading is crucial for the development of life-long literacy learners. The CORI program is designed to foster reading engagement and comprehension through the teaching of reading strategies, teaching of scientific concepts and inquiry skills, and its explicit support of the development of student intrinsic motivation to read.

CORI Research Projects

  • CORI Reading Engagement Project Reading Engagement Project

    This 7-year collaborative project (2000-2007) between the University of Maryland and the Frederick County Public Schools integrated reading instruction in the upper elementary school science curriculum. CORI incorporates reading strategy instruction and inquiry science in interesting and unique ways for students. The goals of CORI were to increase students' reading comprehension, reading motivation, and science knowledge. The CORI program equipped participating teachers with the skills to accomplish these classroom goals through interactive professional development workshops.

  • CORI Reading Engagement for Adolescent Learning Reading Engagement for Adolescent Learning (REAL)

    This 5-year collaboration (2007-2012) between the University of Maryland and St. Mary's County Public Schools is currently investigating the motivation, cognitive competencies, and instructional support needed to increase reading comprehension and engagement of middle school students. CORI is being implemented in new and varied ways to attend to the needs of older students diverse in reading levels and motivation. In addition to topic-related videos to spark interest and foster success in reading, Web sites challenge high-level readers. With an emphasis on choice and collaboration, thematic units give students a context for authentic reading. Motivation for high-level thinking with information text is a hallmark of the REAL Project.

  • CORI Origins

    Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction (CORI) began in a project sponsored by the National Reading Research Center (NRRC) at the University of Maryland and the University of Georgia from 1992-1997. We developed CORI in collaboration with teachers in Prince George’s County Public Schools, Maryland, including Calverton, Hyattsville, and Catherine T. Reed Elementary Schools. Most publications appearing before 2001 were based on that project.