These Guides were designed to be used with 3rd and 4th grade students. The Guides provide the overall scope and sequence of science content and comprehension strategy instruction. For each week of instruction, the Guides include resources such as overhead transparencies, charts, booklists, student portfolio assignments, and daily lessons designed to meet instructional goals in language arts. The instructional goals consist of fluency development, reading and science goals, comprehension strategy instruction, writing and communicating, and extended reading. Engagement practices are embedded in each aspect of instruction. Simplified charts and lessons are also provided to address the needs of struggling readers in the classroom. The Curriculum Guides are not "scripts" for the teachers to read verbatim, but rather guides to follow. Therefore, workshop participants will use the Curriculum Guides frequently over the week in order for them to become familiar with the content fully and make needed modifications to the lessons and activities in order to adapt to the unique needs of their own classroom students.

Follow these links for samples of the fourth grade Teacher's Guide Sample Daily Plan