The REAL Interview Study- Spring 2008

The Identification, Prediction, and Intervention in Adolescent Reading Project began with two large-scale interviews of 260 seventh grade students. The links below include descriptions of the key findings from each of the interview studies. The overview provides the goals, theoretical background, and descriptive characteristics of each interview. Interview 1 included an activity mapping exercise in which students talked about their favorite activities, followed by five subsections concerned with recreational and school reading frequency and motivations. Interview 2 focused specifically on reading for school. Further details on the adolescent interview studies can be found by clicking on the links.

  1. Overview 3851 downloads
  2. Interview 1
    1. Activity Maps 3549 downloads
    2. Series A: General Recreational Reading 3955 downloads
    3. Series B: Recreational Reading about Listed Activities 3786 downloads
    4. Series C: Recreational Reading Checklist 3684 downloads
    5. Series D: School Reading 3724 downloads
    6. Series E: School Reading Checklist 525 downloads
  3. Interview 2
    1. Series H: Motivations for School Reading (extended rubrics) 3657 downloads
  4. References
  5. Interview Forms 3730 downloads