What CORI Students Say About…


  • "Choice is good because no one knows me as well as I know myself, so it is better for me to choose than to have someone else telling me what I'll have to like."
  • "Choosing is good for you because later in life you are going to have to make important decisions, so it's good to start now instead of later."
  • "Choosing inspires me to read more because I get to pick something interesting to me instead of my teacher telling me what to do."
  • "Yes I like choosing a lot because our teacher tells us to find a book that's not too easy and not too hard, but one that is just right. I like that."

Expressive Reading:

  • "I love expressive reading. It's fun because when you read alone it doesn't sound as good but when you're reading with others, it sounds better. It's fun to see how it turns out when you read together."

Hands-On Activities:

  • "When we had the horseshoe crabs, it really helped me learn because we could actually watch them and see what they did. I learned things I couldn't get from the book, like how they act, how they defend, you know you see a lot."